We build game events together with young people for young people. At the same time, young people learn new working life knowledge and skills, from which they make up their portfolio.

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What do we do?

Game Over? – Continue! – project strengthens the future prospects, well-being, and life management of the young people of Northern Savonia through guided digital gaming activities. Our target group is young people who are enthusiastic about playing, but who have interrupted their studies or have accumulated a lot of absences in studying at the 2nd level. Throughout at participate in Game Over -project they get to practice various skills that support commitment and motivation to their studies and working life. We use group meetings as the method. At the same time, new research information is produced on the effects of the operational model on the comprehensive well-being of young people.

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Game Over? – Continue!  - project @ Nuori2023 – event


Our project will be prominently displayed at the national education and youth event in Jyväskylä on April 18-20, 2023. The project's activities


Gamecafe 9.3.2023


Come for coffee, juice or tea and play with chill people either digital or board games. While you are here you get to know Game Over? - Continu


Game Over! - Continue! Kick start!!!